At Weighless Weight Loss, our goal is to help our patients achieve their desired weight loss and improve their physical health. We provide individual care and work with you every step of the way to transform you into a healthy, confident, happy individual. Audrey uses her experience as a nurse and nutritionist to help people become informed about eating right and losing weight the healthy way. Our affordable weight loss programs are about more than diets. We form relationships with each patient, making sure you receive the personalized attention you deserve, every step of the way. After weight loss goal is reached, we introduce our maintenance plan and monitor you closely for an entire year to keep the weight off.Losing Weight Together

We can help you:

  • Lose Weight and Keep It Off
  • Lower Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, and Sugar Levels (Diabetes)
  • Make Smart Food Choices at the Grocery Store
  • Reach and Maintain Weight Loss Goals
  • And More!

Without relying on gimmicks and fad diets, our weight loss center uses menus specially designed and tailored to each individual’s dietary and weight loss needs. Our program emphasized lifestyle changes, focusing on both what you are eating as well as what may be driving you towards unhealthy eating habits. We support our patients fully and can arrange for weekly to monthly visits if that is what you need to succeed.

With our successful weight loss program, male patients can expect to lose 5-7 pounds per week and our female patients shed an average of 3-4 pounds each week. It is within your grasp to lose 35-50 pounds in the first three months of working with us. Keep in mind that the most important part of losing weight is to become healthier. We will even work with you to help you stop taking unnecessary medications.

For more information about our plans, contact us or call 904-298-1102. Don’t put your physical health on the back burner, schedule a FREE consultation and start your weight loss program with us today!


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